Donald Trump's Foreign Policy Team

Trump Foreign PolicyWe already know what Hillary Clinton's foreign policy will likely be -- a combination of liberal interventionism with a healthy dose of neoconservatism. If you're a fan of Nate Silver and FiveThirtyEight, it would seem that Clinton is likely to be the next president of the United States. But what if Donald Trump becomes our next commander-in-chief? What would his foreign policy look like?

Here is Trump's April foreign policy speech. Stephen Walt has written a scathing piece about Trump that demonstrates the GOP candidate's views are all over the map -- from what could be considered measured to reckless. Based on what Trump himself has said, his views run the gamut from realist (he's opposed to "dumb wars") to interventionist (including a seemingly willingness to use nuclear weapons) to isolationist (building a wall).

Whatever one thinks of Trump's views on foreign policy, an even bigger question is -- if elected -- who would be his foreign policy team? My former Cato Institute colleage, Chris Preble, has asked the same question.

This could be a very real problem for a would-be President Trump. This will not be like auditioning for The Apprentice. He will need to fill cabinet and other political appointee positions with people who share his views and know how the federal government works to implement policy.

That will be a tall order to fill.


UPDATE: Here's the latest on Trump's foreign policy.

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