Improving Messaging

We have an historic opportunity to see three podiums during the presidential debates--with a Libertarian on stage!  It behooves us to hone messaging as much as possible to make the stage.  This is not a call to change his positions on issues (though there is room to explain the issue from a more libertarian, Constitutionalist and federalist approach).

It would, IMHO, be to Gary's advantage to drop the pro-abortion four words ("women's right to choose") from his stump answer. Better to focus more exclusively on issues that differentiate himself in a positive light from Hilary and Trump.
Here is Gary's typical answer ( to the question, "What do you want to do if you were president?"
JOHNSON: Well, I want, I want to reduce the size of government. I believe that less money out of my pocket is a good thing and then stand up for civil liberties. Included in those civil liberties, of course, legalizing marijuana, marriage equality, women's right to choose, and then let's stop with the military interventions with regime change that has resulted in a less safe world. How is that for starters? Let's, let's, let's bring the world together with free markets.

By bringing up abortion, unsolicited, all the time with dated rhetoric, Gary unintentionally alienates two key demographics of his support. Polling cross tabs ( pretty universally show Gary does better with younger voters and with Latinos than he does with the general population. In fact, if the polls for the debates were just those two cross tabs, Gary would be included already!

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