Liberty and Her Role in the Poll

I think this election is like almost all others in that it represents, as H.L. Mencken remarked, " advance auction of other people's property." In terms of of this election's effects on the future of healthcare freedom and free markets in health care, one choice is certainly awful and the other is quite possibly awful, so for those inclined to vote this cycle, the latter is likely a better bet. Because of this dismal choice, many will look for the first time at third party candidates, although there is no Ron Paul in this race. 

I think Jeff Deist, President of the Mises Institute, said it best in his keynote address to the Free Market Medical Association last month, when quoting Albert J. Nock, he encouraged everyone to "vote for themselves." "Present one, improved individual unit to the world," rather than place hope and faith in the failed crony leadership class of elites. Our best hope for freedom in healthcare and in general relies on our own willingness to withdraw our consent to be governed by the criminal classes. 


Keith Smith

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