Paul Gessing's Reasons for Supporting Gary Johnson

1) Foreign Policy: In today's America, Congress has utterly abandoned its role in foreign policy and declaring war. We know Hillary Clinton will be awful on foreign policy. She is far more hawkish than Obama and was in charge of Benghazi, the worst foreign policy moment of his presidency. Trump is a wildcard. He blusters and changes his positions almost daily. It is hard to trust someone like that with nuclear weapons. Only Gary Johnson has advocated for a responsible, non-interventionist, but far from isolationist foreign policy.
2) Economists from across the political spectrum support free trade. American consumers and workers benefit from access to different and better products than they'd otherwise have access to. Tariffs and trade restrictions are nothing but new taxes and regulations on American consumers. Only Gary Johnson appreciates the benefits of free trade. 

3) America must address its massive debt problem by reforming entitlements like Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security. Only Gary Johnson approaches these issues with the seriousness necessary to solve the problems. Trump and Hillary either want to expand them or refuse to discuss them even though they are the most serious budgetary issues facing our nation.  

Paul J. Gessing
Rio Grande Foundation
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