Brexit's Impact on Health Globalization

As the election campaign trundles on, it becomes even clearer that Hillary Clinton, assisted by her enabler Barack Obama, is the anti-liberty candidate, supported by Planetary-Poisoner Monsanto, and for coercive, mandatory vaccines. Only Trump is clearly opposed to mandatory vaccines. Johnson opposes Federal mandatory vaccines but waffles on State and local vaccine mandates. This is troubling. Fortunately, both of the latter oppose the CDC's newly announced stance on detentions for mandatory vaccines at the CDC's discretion, an act that is clearly criminal.

Global harmonization is finally meeting stiff opposition on a political level with BREXIT and people awakening to the dangers of TPP and other managed-trade agreements masquerading as "free-trade" agreements. We are at the tipping point and only time will tell which will prevail.

Scott Tipps

President of National Health Federation

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