The "Folly of '16" -- Consensus Foreign Policy and Restoring the Constitutional Republic

By Ralph Fucetola - Vitamin Lawyer Health Freedom Blog
Our America Initiative Advisory Council Member of Health Care Reform

The core political question that Americans must ask in determining whether this country shall be an Oligarchic Empire or a Constitutional Republic is whether the "consensus" interventionist foreign policy of the "two" US tax-eaters parties (the (G)OP and the Demos), followed for over a hundred years, has made the world safer for human life; has made Americans freer and more prosperous?

On all three points the lesson of history is clear: "No!"

Now we find the "Great Powers" caught in the same type of entangling alliances that led to the "Folly of '16" (that's 1916)*. 

Understandably, after the defeat of some of the totalitarian powers in WWII, the elites would enshrine "territorial integrity" as part of the system of world governance that has, it must be said, avoided nuclear holocaust, so far. That system made "sacred" the existing national borders, even, where, as with the colonial borders of Africa, such state-boundaries led to endless civil war and horrendous loss of life.

Today we see the "Great Powers" ludicrously supporting a revolutionary govt in Kiev that does seem to have some extreme nationalist participation, and further, supporting the borders that then Soviet dictator N. Khrushchev assigned to Ukraine SSR in 1955, primarily to dilute Ukrainian nationalism.

And all the while, the USA spends more than half of all the funds squandered on this planet on warfare. And borrows 40% of that... "Trillions and trillions wasted..." Ron Paul

"The only way to avoid continuing collapse is to finally reject an interventionist foreign policy, stop bailing out and subsidizing politically powerful industries, and restore a free market in money." Ron Paul**

The Folly of '16 is about to be repeated, unless we have a change of heart. And a change of foreign policy in Washington.

One foreign policy alone is worthy of a free Republic: strict non-intervention in the affairs of other state-actors. This was the policy of the Founders of the Constitutional Republic and it remains the only sane policy.

The interventionist foreign/war policy initiated well over a century ago with invasion of Mexico, continued by Lincoln, the Roosevelts and Wilson, and by all recent Presidents, whether "liberal" or "conservative" -- (G)OPer or Demo -- is destroying our economy, our freedoms, and millions of victims around the world.

Americans bear a heavy responsibility for having allowed the Federal Establishment to have become so war-like. "War" against poverty, drugs, terrorism... war against anyone resisting the power of that Establishment.

We now see the predictable world-wide blow-back, hurting us in so many ways. We further see the fruit of the interventionist foreign policy in the militarization and nationalization of our local police, resulting in a horrific increase in the incidents of civilians killed by ou-of-control police in the United States.

We are the only ones who can stop it.

Soon it will '16 again... another presidential election. Maybe another war. Folly, folly, folly ...
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The "Folly of '16" -- Consensus #Foreign #Policy and Restoring the #Constitutional Republic